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Presentation 1 - Rob Gubbels - Downstream migration of fish, an underestimated phenomenon

Presentation 2 - Olle Calles - On the performance of a new upstream and downstream passage facility for diadromous fish species

Presentation 3 - Armin Peter - Downstream migration of fishes at big hydropower plants in Switzerland: completed and future research activities

Presentation 4 - Pierre Sagnes - Efficiency of fish-friendly intakes, bypasses associated with low bar-spacing trashracks, for downstream migration of Atlantic salmon smolt

Presentation 5 - Jacob van Berkel - Fish Friendliness of Ultra Low Head Turbines

Presentation 6 - Eric De-Oliveira - Eel mortality during downstream migration in the Rhine : present results on eel dynamic migration, eel turbine mortality and solutions considered for the Rhine HPP

Presentation 7 - Tim Vriese - Maximum admissible mortality per river stretch of migratory fish species (salmonids and silver eel) by hydropower stations – Dutch approach

Presentation 8 - Marq Redeker - Legal requirements for fish protection and technical guidelines on downstream passage in Germany

Presentation 9 - Jon Hateley - Standardized evaluation methods to monitor fish pass performance

Presentation 10 - Eva Thorstad - I beep, therefore I am? An overview of the use of telemetry methods in studies of fish downstream migration

Presentation 11 - Pia Anderer - Ecological evaluation of a river system with additional water power utilization

Presentation 12 - Stephan Naumann - Results of the Forum Fish Protection (DE)


Workshop 1 - Sylvain Richard - Design and dimensioning of fish-friendly intakes for small hydropower plants in France

Workshop 2 - Andy Turnpenny - Considerations for Use of Non-Physical Barriers in Downstream Fish Guidance

Workshop 3 - Uwe Weibel - Guidance by electricity: joke or possibility

Workshop 4 - David Monnier - Introduction for Lowering turbine mortality by design and management for hydropower plants < 50 m3/s

Workshop 5 - Harriet Bakker - Lowering fish mortality at hydropowerstations in Dutch rivers: dead ends and new chances

Workshop 6 - Andre Breukelaar - Downstream migration of smolts and passage of barriers in Rhine/Meuse      &     Jos Borcherding - Monitoring of downstream migration with radio-telemetry at the Unkelmühle, a hydroelectric power station at the River Sieg with innovative solutions to support safe fish passage

Workshop 7 - Rita Keuneke - Can the legal requirements be met by hydropower plants?

Workshop 8 - Kerry Brink - Removing language barriers. How can we optimize knowledge exchange to improve fish passage

Workshop 9 - Falko Wagner - A working guide for site specific evaluations of fish protection and bypass systems


Plenary Session : Workshop outcomes and conclusions of the 7th October