ECI Cultuurfabriek - Roermond, The Netherlands


ECI Cultuurfabriek

ECI 13

6041 MA Roermond





Hotels in Roermond

Please visit this page to have a list of all the hotels in Roermond: http://bit.ly/2aC99eY (Google search) or www.booking.com 


How to get there

According to your city of departure, you can fly to Eindhoven or Maastricht (closest airports), or you can fly to Amsterdam or Rotterdam (better flight choices).

Amsterdam-Schiphol airport has a train station inside the airport, with direct trains to Roermond (2h). Rotterdam doesn't, you have to take a bus to the city station first. 

You can compare flights here: www.skyscanner.com


Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) - Roermond:

The Schiphol NS Dutch Railways station is located directly under the airport. You can buy train tickets at the NS counter located near the Meeting Point at Schiphol Plaza or use one of the yellow and blue ticket machines at Schiphol Plaza if you have already an NS card.

Train travel information
: Plan your journey on the NS website or app (http://9292.nl/) for fast travel advice (in English). The fastest and shortest connections to and from Schiphol can be found here, as well as all relevant travel updates.

From the railway station in Roermond, bus line 19 on the Bishop Lindanussingel goes close to the ECI. At this stop you can get off and it is 2 minutes walk to the ECI Cultuurfabriek.